Genoveva Genoveva, Amira Nurul Azmi, Eggy Asyrofi


An orphanage is a place to accommodate children who do not have parents or guardians so
that they get proper education and facilities. The problem faced by community-run orphanages is
sustainability. The GIA Foundation is a social foundation established by the community in the
Jababeka industrial area to accommodate orphans or children whose parents cannot afford their
children's education. To help the sustainability of the orphanage, the auhtors are students and
supervisor who are currently carrying out a CSR project as part of the Entrepreneurship course. We
provide entrepreneurship training, theoretical as well as handicraft making skills. With the
knowledge and skills they have, it is hoped that the residents of the orphanage can be empowered
to become economically independent, namely by selling handicrafts from used materials to become
valuable handicrafts. This activity still needs continuation so that the skills of the orphanage children
are better and the results are marketable.
Keywords: Social project, corporate entrepreneurship, orphanage

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