Gabriel Firsta Adnyana, Agus Tommy Adi Prawira Kusuma


In this day and age, electronic media that utilizes network connectivity that knows no space and time limits is Website. As an institution in education, Dhyana Pura University in Bali requires a website, teaching and learning activities (KBM) between lecturers, administrative staff and students to be posted on a Website As time goes by, many problems are encountered, that is, there are still problems in terms of quality of use such as searching content that does not function properly, from the quality of information that is rarely updated, especially the news content, from the quality of service interactions such as the abundance of news found long time that is inaccessible as well as the appearance of a website application that is less attractive so it is less attractive from readers. In analyzing user satisfaction with the quality of a website it is necessary to do an assessment. The assessment conducted is the user's assessment of the quality of a Website using the Webqual method. In the Webqual 4.0 method, there are 4 (four) main variables, namely Usability, Information Quality, Service Interaction, and Overal Impression. The assessment of a website's quality is best done using the Webqual 4.0 method, which is the assessment of the end-user of the quality of a website. End users in this study are lecturers, administrative staff and students from Dhyana Pura University. The method of collecting data in this study is to distribute questionnaires using a random sampling method where respondents are taken at random. Therefore, this research was conducted in the environment of the University of Dhyana Pura Badung - Bali.Webqual 4.0 method is used to test the correlation between variables on the analysis of user satisfaction in this study. Testing is done through approaches with quantitative descriptive methods, namely by means of Chi Square testing. Chi Square is used to measure the four webqual variables, namely: usability quality, detailed and accurate information (Information Quality), service interaction quality (Overall Service Interaction), and overall user opinion (Overall Impression) on the quality of Dhyana Pura University website.
Keywords: user satisfaction, random sampling, dhyana pura university, webqual, website.

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