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Putu Diah Kumala Putri


This study aims to analyze the shift in translation from translation studies on the translation shift
one on the Prambanan Temple Brochure in translation by Catford (1965). From Bahasa Indonesia as
Source English (SL) English target language (TL). This research is a qualitative research method.
Intra-system shift was collected by non-participation and using note-taking techniques to collect
relevant data from the Prambanan Temple Tourism Brochure. The analysis used in this research is
descriptive linguistic analysis which tries to explain the standard forms of language. The source of
the results was that there were 7 intra-system shift data shifts from the translation of the Prambanan
Temple tourism brochure

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Putu Diah Kumala Putri. (2024). INTRA-SYSTEM SHIFT ANALYSIS IN THE TRANSLATION OF TOURISM BROCHURE. Seminar Ilmiah Nasional Teknologi, Sains, Dan Sosial Humaniora (SINTESA), 6. Retrieved from


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