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Habibah Aini Noor
Ni Made Diana Erfiani


In the context of the hospitality sector, effective communication at the front desk plays a
pivotal role in guest satisfaction and overall service quality. This study aims to identify the
subtleties of the linguistic and cultural obstacles encountered at the front desk during the
critical "ice-breaker" conversation period. Applying Newmark’s translation methods, this study
examines how linguistic nuances, cultural subtleties, and pragmatic considerations influence
the translation of ice-breaking phrases commonly used in the hospitality sector. Through
qualitative analysis and case studies, it seeks to unravel the complexities of translation in the
context of front-desk interactions, shedding light on the challenges faced and strategies
employed. The results of this study provide valuable insights into the translation process and
valuable perspectives for refining translation strategies in the hospitality industry.

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Habibah Aini Noor, & Ni Made Diana Erfiani. (2024). FRONT OFFICE’S “ICE BREAKER” WITHIN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY: A TRANSLATION STUDY. Seminar Ilmiah Nasional Teknologi, Sains, Dan Sosial Humaniora (SINTESA), 6. Retrieved from


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